HIST 2111 Quiz 2 Information

The quiz will be an in class closed-book multiple choice quiz over pages 170-180  in the text. When you read focus your
studying on being able to answer the following questions. I may reword the questions slightly when I turn them into multiple
choice format, but if you can answer these questions you will be able to answer the questions on the quiz.

1. Why did Loyalists support the British government during the Revolution?

2. What groups were most likely to seek to flee America after the end of the War?

3. What was the most significant result of the departure of many Loyalists when British forces withdrew following the War?

4. In its simplest sense, what type of government was set up in the new "republican" America?

5. What was the Confederation Congress intended to be as set up under the Articles of Confederation?

6. In what way did the Revolution affect the official status of religion in America?

7. When it came to freedom and civil rights, what was the best option for most slaves?

8. Why did do few African-Americans serve in the Continental military?

. In regards to women, what changes resulted from the upheaval of the war years?

10. On the whole, was the war positive or negative for Native Americans?