HIST 2111 Quiz 3 Information

The quiz will be based on Chapter 8 of the text and will be a short-answer essay quiz worth 25 points. You will need to
answer ONE of the following  in a 2-3 paragraph essay. Your essay must be typed and must NOT include any text copied
from the book. Be aware you will need to provide more info here than you have been on the exam short answer questions
as it is worth more points. You WILL be graded on grammar and presentation as well as historically accurate content.

1. Discuss the Market Revolution as it relates to transportation and communications.  How did they affect people's lives and
help to transform America in the early 1800's? What do you believe was the most significant development of the era in
these areas?

2. Immigration has always helped shape US culture.  Discuss how this was true for the 1820's and the decades immediately
following.  What was the most significant immigration-related development of the era?