HIST 2111 Terms for Exam One – This is the final version of the list

Muslims                            Age of Discovery             Reformation                  
Henry VIII                          Elizabeth I                        Columbian Exchange        
Walter Raleigh                 Jamestown
John Smith                       Pocahontas                     1619
Margaret Brent                 John Locke                      Eliza Lucas
Pilgrims & Puritans           John Winthrop               
Roger Williams                 Anne Hutchinson             Half Way Covenant
Quakers                           Pennsylvania                   John Peter Zenger
James Oglethorpe            Georgia
Middle Passage               Slave Trade                     Stono Rebellion        
Navigation Acts                Glorious Revolution         Contract Theory        
Salutary Neglect               Colonial Assemblies        Great Wars
Hanoverian Dynasty         George Washington


Short Answer Questions.
Two-paragraph minimum answer required.

Potential Short Answer questions will be:

1. Discuss at least three of the significant events that took place in Virginia in 1619. What did each of these things seek to
accomplish, and what were the long-term results?

2. Women were not often allowed to play a public role in the colonial era, yet many women did make historically significant
contributions. Discuss at least two women who played roles in colonial era society? How did they challenge the restrictions society
placed upon them, and what were the results of their actions?

3. How did the English govern their colonies in North America to such a great extent from the early 1600's through the mid 1700's?
What shaped their policies and what happened to the colonies in terms of governmental developments during this period?