Here are potential short answer questions: (YOUR ANSWERS WILL NEED TO BE AT LEAST 2 PARAGRAPHS LONG)

1. Members of the Adams family played significant roles in the period from 1763 to
1801. Discuss the contributions of this
family to the movement for independence, explaining why their actions w
ere of such great importance.  

2. Why did  Britain's colonies find it necessary to break away from their mother country in the late 18th century? What was
the most significant development in the series of events that led to independence?

3. After Independence the new nation still faced many difficulties.  How did America work to resolve the political and
economic problems it faced in the 1780's and early 1790's?  What was the most significant outcome of these efforts?
Here are key terms for the next exam. All terms come from what was discussed in class.
Albany Congress
Ben Franklin
Treaty of Paris (1763)
Proclamation of 1763
Stamp Act
Sam Adams & John Hancock
Townsend Duties
Boston Massacre
John Adams
Thomas Hutchinson
Boston Tea Party
Coercive Acts
Abigail Adams
General George Washington
1st & 2nd Continental Congress
Common Sense
John Dickinson
Saratoga & Yorktown
Declaration of Independence
Thomas Jefferson
French Alliance
Treaty of Paris (1783)
Shays Rebellion
Alexander Hamilton
Constitutional Convention
James Madison
Federalist papers
President George Washington
Bill of Rights
Funding & Assumption
Interpreting the Constitution
1st PArty System
Farewell Address
XYZ Affair
Alien & Sedition Acts
Election of 1800
Burr vs Hamilton