The following are the terms you need to study for the third exam. All info on the test comes exclusively from class material.
As always there will be a short answer element of the exam. Potential questions, based solely on class material, are:

1.America continued to expand westward in the early 1800's. Discuss this process of expansion up through the
1830's. What steps did the US take to expand its settlement? How did it interact with other nations and peoples as it
did so?

2. Henry Clay and Andrew Jackson  frequently shaped the development of American History. Pick ONE of the men
and explain their significance in the period from 1800 to the 1830's. Why pick this person, and what was their
greatest contribution??

3. The War of 1812 is often overlooked in US History but it drastically affected the future development of the nation.
Why did the war have such a great effect on the US? In what ways was the nation changed by its participation in the
war and how did the war affect the US for decades to come?
Burr Hamilton Duel
Midnight Appointments
John Marshall
Marbury vs Madison
US v Burr
Louisiana Purchase
Systems of Slavery
Lewis & Clark
Chesapeake-Leopard Affair
President Madison
War Hawks
Henry Clay
War of 1812
Winfield Scott
Political Divisions in 1812
Sack of Washington
Battle of New Orleaans
Treaty of Ghent
Monroe Doctrine
Andrew Jackson (General & President)
Missouri Compromise
Era of Good Feelings
Election of 1824
Whigs & Democrats
Bank Fight
Nullification Crisis
Indian Policy
5 Civilized Tribes
Trail of Tears
Panic of 1837
Old South
Jerry's Guests
Tredegar Iron Works