The following are the terms you need to study for the final exam. All info on the test comes exclusively from class material.

Manifest Destiny                             
John Tyler                                      Texas                                Alamo
James Polk                                     Mexican-American War     Oregon
Zachary Taylor                               Winfield Scott                   Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo  
Abolitionist Movement                     William L Garrison           David Walker
Frederick Douglas                          Nat Turner                       Seneca Falls
California Gold Rush                       Henry Clay                      Compromise of 1850       
Harriet Tubman                               Stephen Douglas            Underground Railroad
Kansas-Nebraska Act                     Popular Sovereignty        Harriet Beecher Stowe
Bloody Kansas                                 Beecher’s Bibles             John Brown
Brooks-Sumner Affair                      James Buchanan
Dred Scott Case                              Lincoln-Douglas Debates   
Harper’s Ferry                                  Robert E Lee                    Election of 1860
Abraham Lincoln                              Secession                         Corwin Amendment
Fort Sumter                                     Resources                         King Cotton
Manassas                                       Anaconda Plan    
New Orleans                                   Buffalo Soldiers                 Gettysburg & Vicksburg    
Grant & Sherman                            John Wilkes Booth          
   13th Amendment

As always there will be a short answer element of the exam. Potential questions, based solely on class material,

1. Discuss the Election of 1860. Why is it such a pivotal moment in US history? What did the major candidates
stand for, and what was the immediate and long term results of the election?

2. Trace the developments in the 1850's that eventually led to secession and Civil War. What event, if any, played
the most significant role in the decade? Did anyone try to stop the road to war and if so, why did they fail?

3. The abolitionists shaped the course of America from the 1830's onwards to an extent far beyond what their
level of support in the nation would suggest. Discuss both major developments in the abolitionist movement (how
they affected America) and the people responsible for guiding the movement. What was the group's most
significant contribution to America?