The quiz will be a Multiple Choice quiz on pages 558-585 and 639-638 of the text. 10-12 of these questions will form the
quiz, though the questions may be slightly reworded so that they work as fair multiple choice questions.

What role did J. P. Morgan play in the industrial mergers of the late 19th and early 20th centuries?
Why were so many children employed in industrial jobs in the late 1800's?
Why did the Great Railroad Strike occur in 1877?
What was the main goal of the NLU in the early 1870’s?
How did the Knights of Labor feel about efforts to reform American society?
What role did the Haymarket Riot play in the decline of the Knights of Labor?
What was the main goal of union leader Samuel Gompers?
How did the Homestead and Pullman strikes affect the labor movement in the US?
Other than alcohol, what factors dew urban residents to saloons in the late 1800's?
Why did young women seek to take advantage of leisure opportunities in late 19th Century US cities?
What did supporters of Social Darwinism believe about the development and growth of society?
What did Lester Frank Ward believe was the key to human progress?