HIST 2112 Quiz 2 Info

The quiz will be an in class closed-book multiple choice quiz over pages 705 to 722 and 732 to 739 in the text. When you read focus your studying on being able to answer the following questions.
I may reword the questions slightly when I turn them into multiple choice format, but if you can answer these questions you will be able to answer the questions on the quiz.
I will pick ten of the following to use on the quiz.

What were some of the flaws of the Progressives?

What were some of the major influences/sources on the development of Progressivism?

In what ways did the M
ugwump seek to affect politics in the early 1900's?

What did supporters of the Social Gospel such as Washington Gladden say was the true basis of Christianity?

How did Jane Addams seek to assist the less fortunate members of society?

What type of political developments were implemented by Progressives to try and clean up politics?

What was the main goal of Taylorism?

In what way did the Triangle Shirtwaist fire affect efforts to regulate the workplace?

Why did Wilson support passing the Federal Reserve Act in 1913?

In what way did the Clayton Anti-Trust Act help unions?

What role did race play in Wilson's views on Progressive reform efforts?