HIST 2112 Take Home Quiz 1 Information

The quiz will be based on pages 832-855 of the text and will be a short-answer essay quiz worth 25 points. You will need to
answer ONE of the following  in a 2-3 paragraph essay. Be aware you will need to provide more info here than you have
been on the exam short answer questions as it is worth more points.

1. The textbook discusses what it calls the "Hum
an cost of the Depression." In what ways were Americans of all racial and
ethnic groups affected by the economic chaos of the era? Did anything positive come of the Depression era for groups
which had historically been among the less prosperous members of society?

2. Not everyone approved of Roosevelt's New Deal policies and it was often "under fire" as the textbook indicates. What
people or groups tended to oppose the New Deal and why were they opposed? What alternatives, if any, did they
suggest? Were any of their proposals enacted in any form by the government? If so, were they successful?