The following are the most important of the terms that have been discussed in class. Study the terms on this list and you will stand a good
chance of doing well on our exam.
The following are possible Short Answer Questions, I will randomly pick two, you will have to answer one of those in a 2 paragraph or
more essay. Answers will be based ONLY on material covered in class.

1. The South experienced efforts at political and social transition after the Civil War. Discuss the developments in the region during this
period. What changes took place, who was responsible for them, and to what extent did the region really change?

2. Politics in the late 1800's at the national level attracted a great deal of attention without promising much of historical importance.
Discuss national politics from 1865 to 1900. What were the major developments of the period and how did they affect the nation?

3. In what ways did the American economy change in the latter part of the 1800's? Who was responsible for these changes? What was
the most significant development discussed in class in relation to the US economy?
Black Codes
Andrew Johnson
Civil Rights Amendments
New South
Ulysses Grant
Henry W Grady
Rutherford B Hayes
Election of 1876
Transcontinental Railroad
Indian Wars
Dawes Act
Big Business
Middle Managers
Thomas Edison
Rockefeller & Carnegie
Mediocre Presidents
Pendleton Act
Populists & Inflation
Mary Lease
Election of 1896
Alfred Thayer Mahan
Spanish-American War
Yellow Journalism
USS Maine
George Dewey
Treaty of Paris
Open Door