The following are the most important of the terms that have been discussed in class. Study the terms on this list and you will stand a good chance of
doing well on our exam.

Panama Canal                       
 Segregation                            Disenfranchisement
Jim Crow                               Plessy Vs Ferguson              
  John Marshall Harlan
Great Migration                      Booker T Washington           
 W E B DuBois

Progressives                           Sherman Act                        
   Teddy Roosevelt
1902 Coal Strike                    Upton Sinclair                    
    William Taft
Election of 1912                      Woodrow Wilson                
Harry Burn
                             Suffrage                                 Alice Paul
World War I                           Lusitania                              
 CTCA                                   Herbert Hoover
Creel Committee                     Schenck vs US                   
   Peace Without Victory
14 Points         
                      AEF/John Pershing                 Buffalo Soldiers
Armistice                               Paris Conference                    Treaty of Versailles
League of Nations                  Treaty Fight                            1919
The following are possible Short Answer Questions, I will randomly pick two, you will have to answer one of those in a 2 paragraph or more essay.

1. Progressives sought reforms in all areas of American life. Discuss at least two separate Progressive reform efforts. What did they seek, how did
they try to achieve it, and what were the results of their efforts?

2. Race relations took a decidedly negative turn in the late 1800's. Discuss developments regarding civil rights during this time period, and extending
into the early 1900's. What was the most significant development regarding Civil Rights during this era?

3. World War I was one of the most significant events in 20th Century history.  How did the conflict affect the US in terms of  domestic policy? What
was the most significant development in the US homefront during the war?