The following are the most important of the terms that have been discussed in class. Study the terms on this list and you will stand a good
chance of doing well on our exam.

Spanish Flu                                 Red Scare                                  Warren Harding
Normalcy                                    Roaring 20's                               William J Bryan
A Philip Randolph                      Scopes Trial/Fundamentalism
Dawes Plan                               Teapot Dome                              Herbert Hoover    
Stock Market Crash                   Margins
Great Depression                        Hoovervilles                                 
Bonus Army                                Franklin Roosevelt                       New Deal
Bank Crisis                                  Fireside Chats                             AAA & NRA
Social Security Act                     Court Packing
Nye Committee                           Neutrality Acts                              
Carl Vinson                                 Third Term for FDR                      Destroyer Deal                          
Lend Lease                                 Homefront
Double V
                                   Tuskegee Airmen                        Nisei     
Germany First                              Dwight Eisenhower                      Chester Nimitz
Midway                                       Dual Advance                             Douglas MacArthur

The following are possible Short Answer Questions; your answers MUST be based on class material, NOT the textbook!

1. Franklin Roosevelt was one of the most significant figures in 20th Century US History. Discuss his presidency up through the start of
World War II. How was he different from previous presidents (and I do not mean in terms of his health)? What were the most significant
developments of this part of his presidency and how did he react to them?

2. Foreign Policy was not as obviously important in
the US between 1920 and 1941, yet several important things took place.  Discuss at
least two significant foreign policy developments during this period - how did they affect the United States' position in the world and why
were they so important?

3. Economic issues shaped much of American life in the 1920’s and 1930’s. Discuss the rise and fall of the economy during this period.
What were the most significant developments and how did they affect the nation?