The following are the most important of the terms that have been discussed in class. Study the terms on this list and you will stand a good
chance of doing well on our exam.

Atomic Bomb                           Harry Truman                             Demobilization                    
Baby Boom                              Military Integration                      GI Bill                                        
Dewey defeats Truman              Cold War
Marshall Plan                            NATO                                     
Korean War                             American Women
                      Civil Rights Movement
Cult of Domesticity                    Betty Freidan                             Jackie Robinson
Earl Warren                             Thurgood Marshall                     Brown v. Board of Ed
Rosa Parks                               Lyndon Johnson                        Martin Luther King Jr.
Civil Rights Acts                      March on Washington                 John F Kennedy
Voting Rights Act                      Watts Riots                                Black Power
HUAC                                    Joe McCarthy                             Edward R Murrow
Dwight Eisenhower                  Domino Theory                           Cuban Missile Crisis                   
Space Program                        Vietnam                                     Richard Nixon
Gulf of Tonkin                          Tet Offensive
Henry Kissinger                        Paris Accords                            POW's                        
Southern Strategy                     Detente                                         
Watergate                               Deep Throat                               Impeachment
Gerald R. F. Ford                   Jimmy Carter                              Panama Canal Treaties
Camp David                            Iranian Hostages                        Ronald Reagan
Sandra Day O'Connor             End of Cold War                      George H W Bush
First Gulf War         
                 Bill Clinton                                 Whitewater
Election of 2000                       September 11 2001 attacks
The following are possible Short Answer Questions; your answers MUST be based on class material, NOT the textbook! I will randomly
pick two for you to choose from.

1. The post-war Civil Rights Movement led to major changes in American society. Discuss some of the more significant steps in the process
in the 1950's and 1960's.  Who was primarily responsible for these changes, and how did they affect the lives of African-Americans?

2. American politics continued to see its share of controversy and scandal in recent years. Discuss some of the highlights (or lowlights) of
national level politics from the 1950's onwards
as discussed in class. How did these scandals affect the development of US politics in the

3. The threat, real or perceived, of Communism shaped every aspect of American life for decades after World War II. Discuss how the
Cold War affected the US _either_ domestically or in foreign affairs in this period. What was the most significant development and how did
it affect life in America?