For the writing assignment, you need to pick an issue or topic in US history, or a person who influenced a key issue or topic, in the period since 1865. The following list
(set up in the order I thought of things) provides suggestions for possible topics, but you can always pick a topic/person that is not listed. ALL topics must be approved by
the instructor, whether or not they are on the list.
Political corruption/scandals
   Credit Mobilier Scandal
   Teapot Dome Scandal
   Watergate Scandal
   Whitewater scandal

Civil Rights Issues
   Segregation/Jim Crow
   Voting Rights lost and regained
   Private efforts for equality (NAACP/SNCC, United Farm Workers, etc)
   Internal migrations
   Legislation (CR Acts, Voting Rights Act, etc)
   Athletics (integration thereof)
   Hispanic Americans facing discrimination
   American Indians and discrimination
   Gay & Lesbian Rights (Stonewall, etc)
   Immigration-related issues
American Women
   Suffrage movement
   Social restrictions
   ERA amendment

Social movements – Hippies, flappers, the beats, Settlement houses
   Progressive Era reforms – pick one
   Great Society programs

Entertainment – effects on society

Military Affairs – actual fighting or homefront effects
   Spanish-American War
   Philippine Insurrection
   Involvement in WWI
   Interventions in Latin America before 1940
   Involvement in WWII
   Korean War
   Interventions in latin America after 1950
   Vietnam War
   Other military Interventions
   First Gulf war

The Cold War – origins?, strategy? Conclusion? Long-terme ffects?


Atomic Bomb
   Use as a policy tool

Diplomacy – pick a nation, how has the US dealt with it
   NATO and other alliances

Economic developments
   Great Depression – why? Effects? Long-term results?
   Management vs Union – labor unrest in the 20th century
Disease and society
   Spanish Flu

The Space Program

The Age of Terrorism
   1980’s events
   1990’s events

Leaders - pick an individual and discuss how they shaped any of the above, or any other key issue