The first quiz will be a multiple choice quiz in which the questions will be similar to those below, based on pages 7-31 in
the text.  If you can answer these, you will be able to answer the questions on the quiz.

Why did distinct regional cultures develop in North America between 10000 and 2500 years ago?

Why did the Mexica people engage in nearly relentless warfare with other indigenous peoples?

Why did the relatively peaceful and unique Anasazi culture decline?

What time of trade networks developed in North America in the centuries before Europeans arrived?

Why was the role of women amongst the Iroquoian peoples?

Why was the "biological exchange" following European discovery of America generally positive, other than the effects of

How did the Spanish interact with the peoples they first encountered in the Americas?

Why were a small number of Spaniards able to defeat the Aztec Empire?

Why did the  Spanish not establish themselves more firmly in the area that is now the United States?

Why is it likely that Juan de Onate was not popular amongst the native populations north of the Rio Grande river?

Why did the introduction of the horse cause such a change on the great Plains?